About Us

EEE Innovation Ghar Pvt. Ltd was established in 12 February, 2019 to provide appropriate and advanced technical solutions in the field of Engineering, Education, and Entertainment. We also aim to provide good IT services in the global market by utilizing the best-skilled manpower of Nepal.

Our motto is to be the best outsourcing company on the local and global market by trading technologies. EEE Innovation Ghar Pvt Ltd is tied up with a Japanese Tech company named "B-icon. Inc" from the beginning and also provides various IT solutions to them. In near future we will diversify our domain and will be a leading conglomerate in Nepal, We will develop the best technology through innovation and apply them in every possible domain. We have a highly dedicated and expert IT team providing world-class solutions and support from analysis to development and from testing to implementation phase.

The central office in Kathmandu, the company has been committed to driving business values across all business verticals. With a comprehensive set of software solutions and a wide range of solutions, we have successfully streamlined the business operations of customers nationally and Internationally.


UI/UX Design

What if you have a perfect system but you can't use it properly? We can transform your virtual imagination into interactive interfaces where you can easily explore every features you want, with great user experiences.

Web Development

Since past decades, worldwide web has been the center of attraction among people all around the globe. On demand, we provide the best web solutions using latest technologies in accordance to your surrounding.


We provide automation tools to help minimize your effort to perform time consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks with minimal human assistance.

Responsive Layout

With an increasing demand of web and mobile compatible systems, we deliver the best responsive designs and layouts that can certainly match your expectation to run the system in any desired platform.

Mobile Appplication

We built mobile applications supporting on both iOS and android platform, following material design principles to provide best user interface and experience.

Digital Marketing

We also provide the marketing of your products or services to ideal customers using digital technologies, through Internet, display advertising, and other digital medium.

AR/VR Technology

We can transfigure your every possible immersion experiences into lively environment using only one corner, through digital elements following latest AR/VR technologies that can surely put a bar the physical world.


In this competitive era of futuristic technologies, AI is an immersing term to impact on your day to day life. AI can certainly monitor and predict the behaviour, and recommend the best probable solutions in order to solve daily life complexities.


We use strategic approaches to provide our clients with high-end. services that ensure superior customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Meet our diversified, tALENTED super human team.


Mr. Rajan Pyakurel

CEO & Co-Founder

Born & Raised in Nepal. IT Graduate.

Rajan’s passion, curiosity, and experience in technology and business has made him a competitive CEO for this organization.


Miss.Sirjana Kapri

Chief Financial Officer

University of Wollongong

She is an enthusiastic and passionate individu al who is always looking forward to learning from her past and present experiences. She is graduated from the world's top-ranking uni versity, the University of Wollongong from Australia. She majors in finance on her master's in professional accounting. Her international and national experience in the accounting, finance, and management field helps her to develop essential soft and technical skills. She has a deep understanding of her responsibility for the planning, implementation, managing, and running of all the finance activities of a company including business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations.


Mr. Uttam Thapa

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Graduated from Japan

He successfully forwards various projects from the Japanese market. Good understanding of client requirements, communication skills through multiple languages, and good collaboration skills made him a responsible CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of EEE Innovation Ghar Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Prajal Pyakurel

Marketing Executive


A versatile professional serving as both a skilled developer and a strategic marketing executive at our company. With a passion for coding and a keen understanding of market trends, he bring a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to our team."

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